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We are a family of fishing men, women and children who all love the outdoors, the strike of a fish and the satisfaction of the Catch or Release.
All BAC members enjoy fellowship, fishing programs, seminars, recognition, trophies, awards, newsletters, an IGFA certified weigh station, an exclusive fishing hot-line to give you the latest fishing reports, access to world wide tournaments and a great clubhouse to enjoy beautiful Newport Bay during our gatherings.

We Sponsor the prestigious “Master Angler Billfish Tournament”, the "Junior Angler’s Tournament" and participate in most other tournaments in Southern California. We have “Pot Luck” parties on the BAC clubhouse deck several times a year and celebrate an annual trophy awards event.
We encourage conservation and are closely affiliated with many conservation groups including International Game Fish Association, Billfish Foundation, and the Pacific Fisheries Enhancement Foundation in conjunction with Hubbs/Seaworld Research Institute, where we operate and manage the White Seabass grow out pens here in Newport Beach.
We invite you to join us at the Balboa Angling Club and believe that once you're a member, you'll be hooked for life!
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Guess Who is Back in Town?

08/19/2016 16:25

Just in time for the 35th Annual Master Angler Billfish Tournament!

September 16 & 17, 2016

Kick-Off Dinner and Captain's Meeting

Wednesday, September 14th - 5:30 pm
Newport Beach's Marina Park
Awards Banquet
Sunday, September 18th, 2016 - 5:30 pm
Harborside Pavilion

Helen Smith is Smiling!

08/10/2016 13:08

Thank you Helen Smith anglers who continue to honor her memory and years of dedication by fishing the 15th Annual Helen Smith Offshore Tournament that took place on July 24 & 25.  We had 11 fish weighed in and the winners are:

Largest Tuna:

        Chuck Holland

        82.5 lbs. on 30#

Largest Yellowtail:

        Brett Reichardt 

        19.8 lbs. on 20# 

Largest Dorado:

        Old Joe Winkelmann

        16.4 lbs. on 6 Thread

High Angler:  Chuck Holland

Winning Dinner definitely went to Bob Middleton and Pat Serge on the Wiki Wiki! Check out what the Bluewater Grill did to their Yellowtail! It's a work of art!

Thank you for playing and we hope to see you next year!



The 8th Annual Newport Harbor Bay Bass Open was a Success!

07/13/2016 15:23

The 8th Annual Newport Harbor Bay Bass Open was a success! We had 13 boats and 33 anglers and Mother Nature was good to us because she didn't rain on us this year! A lot of big fat spotties were weighed in and here are the results:

1st Place:  Erik Landesfeind & Chris Oakes on the Rainshadow;  
                   their 3 Spotties weighed 5.91 lbs.

2nd Place:  Jimmy & Tracy Decker on the Disco Punk;
                   their 2 Spotties weighed 5.03 lbs.

3rd Place:  Garrett Ching, Joseph Shagner and Bobby Martinez 
                  on the Ranger Bahia 220; their 3 Spotties weighed 4.73 lbs.

Pictures from the Awards Banquet to follow as soon as I get them!


It's Tournament Season!

06/18/2016 13:55

The BAC has three tournaments starting soon:

Junior Angler Tournament - June 17 to September 11

Newport Harbor Bay Bass Open - July 9

Helen Smith Offshore Tournament - July 22 & 23

Download the entry forms and enter today!

2016 Junior Angler Tournament Entry Form.pdf (239166)

2016 Newport Harbor Bay Bass Open Entry Form.pdf (206700)

2016 Helen Smith Entry Form.pdf (229481)

14th Annual YSH Tournament Results!

06/09/2016 13:37

It's pretty basic.  Bill Buchanan won the White Seabass division with his 28.14 lb. White Seabass caught on 8# Dacron off of Catalina.  He was fishing with a fun bunch of people and a great time was had by all.  Way to go Bill and we hope to see you all again next year!

53rd Annual Lily Call Results!

06/02/2016 12:44

73 Anglers fished the 53rd Annual Lily Call Tournament on May 21st and 22nd with a total of 25 fish being weighed in at the BAC.  And the Winners are:



1st - Scott Beach - 3.64 lbs.

2nd - Ryan Simons - 2.47 lbs.

3rd - Jennifer Douglas - 2.33 lbs.


1st - Rob Meinhardt - 2.90 lbs.

2nd - Tommy Tupman - 2.76 lbs.

3rd - Greg Taite - 2.51 lbs.


1st - Brady Cherry - 1.15 lbs.

2nd - Greg Taite - 1.03 lbs.


1st - John Kast - 5.69 lbs.

2nd - Chris Bitetti - 5.55 lbs.

3rd - Jon Wilber - 5.06 lbs.

The Awards Banquet was held at The Chicken Coop in Costa Mesa and a good time was had by all!  See for yourself!

Annual Meeting and 2015 Awards Banquet

03/30/2016 13:47

     Please join us on Sunday, April 3 at 11:00 am at the Harborside Ballroom for our 2016 Annual Meeting and 2015 Award Banquet!  A fabulous menu has been prepared for the occasion, including mimosas, and it is only $50 per person and $28 for children under 12.

     Please RSVP at your earliest convenience to (949) 673-6316 or email balboaanglingclub@sbcglobal.net. 

We hope to see you there!






New Improved Davit/Hoist/Scale and Gangway at the BAC!

11/11/2015 13:11

We are up and running with a new and improved davit/hoist and scale and are waiting for somebody to bring in a BIG FISH so we can test drive it!  Even better news is that the gangway is also repaired.  Life is good and the fishing is still phenomenal!  Could somebody puhleeeeze go out and catch a big fish to weigh?

A BIG thank you to Jim Duncan for his electrical expertise!

2015 Junior Angler Tournament Awards BBQ

10/08/2015 16:22

The Awards BBQ for the 2015 Junior Angler Tournament was held on Sunday, October 4, at the BAC and it was a huge success! We had 61 anglers in the Junior Angler Tournament this year, and 31 of them were at the Awards BBQ with their friends and family.  A big thank you to the 84 people who came to celebrate with us on Sunday!  Following is an abbreviated list of our 2015 winners:

            Small Fry

1st Place Bass Kelp:        Trey

1st Place Spotted Bass:    Haley

2nd Place Spotted Bass:    Haley

1st Place Dorado:              Troy

2nd Place Dorado:            Trey

1st Place Tuna:                Sarah

   Small Fry Anglers of the Year

           Trey - 11 Species

           Sarah - 3 Species


1st Place Bass Kelp          Ben

2nd Place Bass Kelp         Troy

1st Place Sand Bass         Tommy

1st Place Spotted Bass     Jax

2nd Place Spotted Bass    Jack

1st Place Bonito               Trentin

2nd Place Bonito              Tommy

1st Place Croaker             Jax

1st Place Dorado              Trentin

1st Place Tuna                 Jason

2nd Place Tuna                Jakob

1st Place Yellowtail           Lisa

2nd Place Yellowtail          Johnny

Conservation Award           Sam

       Junior Angler of the Year


In an on-going effort to keep our Junior Anglers safe, we will not be posting any last names from this tournament.  If you would like to receive the full results of the Junior Angler Tournament, please call or email the BAC and we will email it to you.

A big thank you to our sponsors as well!  Please remember to support the people and companies who support the Balboa Angling Club!

Authentic Models, Charlie's Locker, Crocker's Well Dressed Frank, Daiwa, Davey's Locker, ExplorOcean, Grant Boys, Teri Holland, Ketcham Tackle, Pelagic, San Diego Marine Exchange, TK Burgers, Vans, Which Wich.

BAC Weigh Stations Limited to Fish Under 100 Pounds

09/30/2015 13:47
The BAC's weighing stations will be limited to smaller fish (under 100 lbs ) while the replacement pillar for the larger scale is installed.

Results of the 34th Annual MABT!

09/18/2015 16:35

Fishing During a Heat Wave…aka…The 2015 Master Angler Billfish Tournament!

The 34th Annual Balboa Angling Club’s Master Angler Billfish Tournament, the most prestigious and oldest marlin tournament on the west coast, was held September 11th and 12th in 100+ degree hot weather! 

The Kick-Off Party and Captain’s Meeting was standing room only on September 9th at The Tee Room in Newport Beach.  Since 129 Marlin were caught and tagged/or released by BAC members or on BAC boats BEFORE the MABT even started, the atmosphere was electric and the anglers were ready to go! 

The fishing started on Friday at 6:30 am with the first fish hooking up two minutes later!  Sadly, that fish was lost, but by the 11:00 am roll call, 8 marlin had been caught and released!  Boats were fishing mainly in the northern section of the area in Grid 10 and 11 near Santa Cruz and Anacapa Islands; some boats were even flying Kites like in the old Zane Grey days! 

The BAC once again teamed up with the IGFA (International Game Fish Association) and had 9 Great Marlin Race satellite tags purchased and assigned to boats in this year’s MABT.  Two tags were deployed:  one by Black Fin, fishing for the Dana Angling Club, and one by Magellan, fishing for the Tuna Club of Avalon.  You can track their paths by visiting the IGFA-IGMR website at https://www.igfa.org/Conserve/Balboa%20USA%202015%20Race. 

Overall, it was light line marlin fishing at its finest, a great success for the Balboa Angling Club, and the anglers are ready to come back in 2016! 

Here are the results of the 2015 Master Angler Billfish Tournament:

Clubs = 7

Boats = 41

Anglers = 170

82 Hook Ups   &   54 Releases

Total Fish    

1st Day        34 Released

2nd Day      20 Released

High Club

1st    Dana Angling–Team 1               1950 pts.

2nd   Tuna Club of Avalon–Team 1     1620 pts.

3rd    Light Tackle Marlin Club             1140 pts.

High Boat

1st    Black Fin                 1080 pts.

2nd   Kelsey Lee                720 pts.

3rd   Good Karma              720 pts.

High Angler

1st    Shane Hurt              1080 pts.

2nd   David Herrera             660 pts.

3rd    Greg Stotesbury         450 pts.

4th    Barry Brightenburg      450 pts.

5th    Bob Petrina                420 pts.

6th    Larry Coots, Jr.           360 pts.

7th    Don Butts                   360 pts.

8th    Erik Landesfeind         360 pts.

9th    Don Goodwin              360 pts.

10th  Bobby Leinau              360 pts.

Tuna Division

The Tuna won this year.

Bob and Sally Kurz Perpetual Circle Hook Award

Chase Offield, Calen Offield, Sawyer Jones, Hunter Heatly

Kelsey Lee


1st Place    Team Andreya

                  Fishing for 

                  Balboa Angling Club

2nd Place   Jock Albright

                  Fishing for 

                  Tuna Club of Avalon

3rd Place   Team Hooked

                 Fishing for 

                 Dana Angling Club



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06/07/2014 00:00

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