Another Swordfish!

          Tom Pfleger fought this beautiful 135 lb. Swordfish for 40 minutes aboard the Hana Pa’a and won! SWEET! He was using 80# test and is currently in the running for October Fish of the Month AND the the Hana Pa’a is looking forward to taking home the First Swordfish Flag on Read More



Last night AF Bounder came home with a 243.5 lb. Swordfish caught by Angler Doug Carson on 50# test.  It was a two-hour fight and worth every second of it!  A lot of members showed up to congratulate them!  Way to go Doug, Andy and Linda Crean and Gaffer Bob Ballinger on the AF Bounder! Read More


The Fish Are Jumpin!

 Sawyer Jones and his 41.40 Yellowfin Tuna!  It only took him 20 minutes to pull him in using 20# Dacron on the Burning Daylight captained by Hunter Heatly.  I wish these two would join the BAC because they are excellent anglers and fun nice people! Lisa T.S. had a fabulous day on August 28th with Read More