2014 First Flags

In order to qualify for the First Flag by a member, the boat or the angler taking the fish must bring the fish to the dock of the Balboa Angling Club within 36 hours from the official time of the catch.  A member’s boat may take the First Fish Flag providing that a member in good standing was the angler taking the fish.  In the event of a tie, the fish first boated shall be recognized.

White Seabass    Dan Fultz    01.07.14    66.20 lbs.


Yellowtail            Paul Hoofe   05.14.14    44.72 lbs.

Tuna           Trey Smith    06.30.14    16.26 lbs.
Dorado    Jock Albright    07.09.14    16.83 lbs.
Marlin Release    Steve Behrens    08.02.14
Broadbill     Nate Shill     09.21.14    34.20 lbs.