Helen Smith is Smiling!

Thank you Helen Smith anglers who continue to honor her memory and years of dedication by fishing the 15th Annual Helen Smith Offshore Tournament that took place on July 24 & 25.  We had 11 fish weighed in and the winners are:

Largest Tuna:

Chuck Holland

82.5 lbs. on 30#

Largest Yellowtail:

Brett Reichardt

19.8 lbs. on 20#

Largest Dorado:

Old Joe Winkelmann

16.4 lbs. on 6 Thread

High Angler:  Chuck Holland

Winning Dinner definitely went to Bob Middleton and Pat Serge on the Wiki Wiki! Check out what the Bluewater Grill did to their Yellowtail! It’s a work of art!

Thank you for playing and we hope to see you next year!