35th Annual Master Angler Billfish Tournament

35th Annual Master Angler Billfish Tournament was a great success!  We had 174 anglers on 42 boats representing 6 angling clubs fishing their hearts out on September 16 & 17 with 67 hook-ups and 36 releases; 20 on the first day and 16 on the second day.  We think we found a permanent home for the Captain’s Dinner and Kick-Off Meeting and that is the beautiful new Marina Park facility on the peninsula; combined with scrumptious food from Newport Rib Company and delectable wine from Cholame Vineyard, it was a fabulous evening!  Our Awards Banquet was held at Harborside Ballroom and it was wonderful as usual!  The results are:

High Club

1st –  Light Tackle Marlin Club

1,920 pts.

2nd – Dana Angling Club

1,020 pts.

3rd –  Balboa Angling Club

Team 2 – 1,020 pts.

High Boat

1st – Flying Fish – 720 pts.


2nd – Joker – 720 pts. –


3rd – Good Karma – 630 pts.

Balboa Angling Club

High Angler

1st – Mike Hansen – 720 pts.

Flying Fish

2nd – Jimmy Decker – 630 pts.

Good Karma

3rd – Dave Pfeiffer – 480 pts.


4th – Jack Rainwater  – 480 pts.


5th  – Bob Petrina – 360 pts.


6th – Steve Behrens – 240 pts.


7th – Chris Bailey – 210 pts.

Black Fin

8th – Robert Shafer – 210 pts.


9th – Josh Koch – 210 pts.

Tunacious Too

10th – Kenny Knight – 210 pts.


Tuna Division

Ben Secrest – Kea Kai

81.2 lbs. on 16#

Bob and Sally Kurz 

Perpetual Circle Hook Award

Greg Stotesbury, Mike Hansen,

Keith Provin, Michael Stotesbury

& Dave Elm on Flying Fish


1st Team Crean

on A.F. Bounder

fishing For Los Pescadores

2nd Team Pelagic

on High Cotton

fishing for B.A.C.

3rd Jason Blower

on Pacific Pioneer

fishing for L.T.M.C.

Line Class

12#Mike Hansen
      Jack Rainwater
      Steve Behrens
      Dave Pfeiffer
16#Chris Bailey
      Jimmy Decker
      Mike Webster
      Ben Secrest
      Hunter Heatly
      Calen Offield
      Mark Mitchell
      Robert Shaver
      Kenny Knight
      Bruce Binnquist
      Josh Koch
      Geoff Hersch
20# Sean Lawler
      Will Derrick
      Bob Petrina
      Drew Lawler
      Wade Cunningham
      Scott Strode
      Rich Evans
      Davis Schaffer
      David King
      Chris Haug
      Greg Taite
30# Mitchell Firestein
      Aaron Woods
      Sally Kurz

1st High Club – Light Tackle Marlin Club

2nd High Club – Dana Angling Club

3rd High Club – Balboa Angling Club – Team 2

1st High Boat – Flying Fish – L.T.M.C.

2nd High Boat – Joker – L.T.M.C.

3rd High Boat – Good Karma – Balboa Angling Club

1st High Angler – Mike Hansen

Tuna Division – Ben Secrest – Kea Kai

A good time was had by all!